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Enjoy A Fly Free Summer

Shop Our Full Line of Non Toxic Fly Traps

Say Goodbye to Pesky Flies with Our Non Toxic Disposable Fly Trap!

Our non toxic disposable fly trap bag utilizes the baiting power of Formula KM34™, a fly food that has proven its fly attracting abilities. Effective against even pesticide resistant flies!

The Fly Barrel

This tidy, innovative Fly Barrel can easily be positioned on a tree or fence


Catch flies by the liter! For use with an empty 2 liter soda bottle Upcycling at it's best. Environmentally responsible

Easy to USe

Stop Flies Outdoors Before They Become a Problem Indoors


Our Products Are Ideal For

Set up a Flies Be Gone fly trap, following the simple instructions.

Watch the flies get attracted to the bait and fly in. The flies stay in the trap for the rest of their lives.

Enjoy your fly free property, without resorting to pesticides, toxins, or cruel traps. Seeing is believing.

Success Stories

I tried getting rid of the flies for a few years with different products and no results. I tried one of these and amazingly it caught hundreds of flies

Sara M

These products do in fact attract and kill an enormous number of flies, more than any product I have used before.

Tommy Y

We put one bag out for about a week and it filled right up with what had to be at least a thousand flies. We hung it from a low hanging maple tree, where it was super easy to set up.


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