• Safe

    No poisons or toxins. Yes, you heard right! Even with all that buzzing in your ears…

  • Easy to Use

    Our outdoor fly traps are easy to set up and easy to dispose of when full of flies. 

  • Effective

    18 billion flies can’t be wrong, right? They’re not birdbrains, after all.

  • Flies be Gone Fly Trap: Best for Outdoor Use

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  • Flies be Gone Fly Trap: Best for Outdoors

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  • Flies be Gone Fly Trap: Best Overall Fly Trap

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You’re Pulling My Leg

After deep research on fly behavior, our engineers have designed our outdoor fly traps to be irresistible to a fly, but easy for you. 

1. Set up a Flies-Be-Gone fly trap (no engineering degree necessary)

2. Watch the flies get attracted to the bait and fly in. Now they can’t fly back out (which means they can’t bother you...Woohoo!).

3. Flies caught in the trap attract more flies without the need to add more bait. When the trap is full, simply dispose of it in the trash. If you’re a home composter, you can add the contents to your pile.

4. Enjoy your fly-free home, backyard, or grill. Ah, bliss! (Well, except for the noise of those dogs barking nearby… you can’t have it all!)

Flies Be Gone!
  • Superior Quality

    You deserve only the best. That’s why we produce all our products in America, so you get only the highest quality products.

  • Just-in-case Guarantee

    Not happy with your fly trap? Just return it within 60 days of purchase to get a full refund, no questions asked. (Though we will be somewhat baffled…)

  • VIP Service

    Get VIP service, whether you’re buying 1 flytrap or 300. We started out as a small mom-and-pop shop. Although we’ve grown since then, pleasing our customers remains our priority.

  • I tried getting rid of the flies for a few years with different products and no results. I tried one of these and amazingly it caught hundreds of flies.

    – Sara M.

  • These products do in fact attract and kill an enormous number of flies, more than any product I have used before.

    – Tommy Y.

  • We put one bag out for about a week and it filled right up with what had to be at least a thousand flies. We hung it from a low-hanging maple tree, where it was super easy to set up.

    – MarryAnn

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