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Flies Be Gone

Fly Barrel

Fly Barrel

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Fly Barrel catches flies by the quart and is reusable!
No one likes flies, but flies love us! This tidy, innovative fly barrel can easily be positioned on a tree, fence or shepherds hook. Placed 25 feet away from the area you want to protect, it attracts those annoying and dangerous flies down the funnels of its unique, fly loving cap. Once inside, they will not get out. This effective, no maintenance fly trap attracts both male and female flies and catches even pesticide resistant flies. Using our unique, no poisons KM34 bait, the Fly Barrel will begin catching flies from the first day. The Flies be Gone “Fly Barrel“ is a full quarter gallon – big enough to catch flies by the thousands – and requires no maintenance. With the powerful no poisons KM34 bait, the Fly Barrel activates from the first day and is effective for up to a full month. It is ideal for both commercial and home situations. So, stop the flies outdoors – before they get inside.
Made in USA


  • Reusable barrel with our KM34 bait.
  • Reusable galvanized steel reinforced suspension strap
  • FREE additional KM34 replacement bait. Like getting two traps for the price of one.


The Fly Barrel trap is really easy to use. Just empty the non toxic KM34 bait into the barrel and fill up one third of the way with water. Then, sit back and watch the flies come. When it is time to refill the container, just empty the contents, refill with bait and water. Your Fly Barrel will once again be ready to catch flies!
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