Frequently Asked Questions

Are Flies Be Gone Fly Traps designed for indoor or outdoor fly control problems?

Flies Be Gone fly traps are intended for fly control problems outdoors only because formula KM34™ is composed of food materials. Firstly, pour the Formula KM34™ into the trap and add water. When they warm in the sun, food scents drift out of the trap and into a wide area of the atmosphere. This attracts the flies. The warmer the weather, the quicker this happens. Therefore, Flies Be Gone should be placed outdoors in sunlight, not indoors and not under a roof. The best situation is indirect sunlight like in the branches of a tree, so that the sunlight reaches the trap. Extremely hot direct sunlight may be too strong.

When do Flies Be Gone fly traps begin to work?

The Formula KM34™ must have an opportunity to warm in the sun so the fly food scent can be carried throughout the air, as mentioned above. In warm weather, this begins to happen in about two days. In cooler climates, it can take a few more days to reach full tempo. The process can be sped up by activating Formula KM34™ with water and keeping the solution warm in a jar indoors before transferring it outdoors. In both warm and cool climates, the activation can be sped up by adding in a pinch of your local damp soil.

Is Flies Be Gone Toxic, Poisonous, or an Insecticide?

Not at all!

How do you dispose of the Flies Be Gone Fly trap?

Place the used trap into a plastic shopping bag and dispose of responsibly.

Does the Flies Be Gone fly trap have an odor?

Formula KM34™ itself does not have a odor. There may be an odor as the trapped flies begin to decompose. The best procedure is to change the trap a bit more frequently. Alternatively, just pour some more water into the trap and this will help to minimize the odor, and it will increase the life of Formula KM34™ by another week or so.

My dog or horse ate the Formula KM34™. Is it harmful?

Formula KM34™ does not contain any poisons. We have never had any feedback of harmful effects to animals. Give your animal some water to drink.

What happens if the water evaporates due to my local climate?

The best thing is to top it up with your garden hose. There should be at least 3 inches (7.5cm) of water in the trap. Most climates require only one quart of water. Drier climates like New Mexico may require two quarts.

How long does it take to set it up? How easy is it to use?

Set up takes less than one minute and is designed to be easy to use.

Can it catch other types of insects and bugs as well, or is are these traps solely for fly control problems?

Not as well as the flies themselves. But it would not be accurate for us to make a claim for anything other than flies.

Should we know anything else?

Flies Be Gone is wonderfully effective, affordable, and practical in helping keep flies away from those places where you don’t want them. It works. That’s the most important thing to know.