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Flies Be Gone - "ORIGINAL"


Say Goodbye to Hordes of Flies with Our Nontoxic Disposable Fly Trap Bag!

Our nontoxic disposable fly trap bag utilizes the baiting power of Formula FC2™, a real, handmade fly food that has proven its fly attracting abilities and is effectiveness against even pesticide resistant flies. The easy to use and completely disposable fly trap bag design may only be the size of a football, but it packs a powerful punch catching thousands of flies! For protecting a large area, for example a ranch or a very large restaurant patio area, this the trap for you. Once full, it is entirely disposable. Nothing to replace, and nothing to clean up. Attn : Military Buyers. This original Flies be Gone has been designated by The US Department of Defense with a National Stock Number

Nontoxic Disposable Fly Trap Bag

The Flies Be Gone Disposable Fly Trap Bag has garnered attention for it's effective fly trapping in even the most heavily infested areas! The Flies Be Gone Nontoxic Disposable Fly Trap Bag is Effective even in the Middle East "I used the Flies Be Gone in Iraq for nearly 2 years under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. On Camp Fallujah the Flies Be Gone was the only method available due to restrictions on spraying. Working alone, the Flies Be Gone traps allowed our troops to work and eat in a fly free environment without the need for pesticides."

-- Rocco Moschetti, International Pest Control Expert

"I'm a Bomb Dog Handler here in Baghdad, ...We were overrun by flies, could not eat our food without ingesting the flies as well. I counted 75 flies on my arms and hands. Our "Bug Man" put out 3-4 of your traps... in days life was good...."

-- Dennis B., Baghdad, Iraq

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