"We began using the Flies Be Gone trapslast year and were immediately impressed with the excellent results. "By placing the traps10 to 15 yards from the dining areas, the flies are drawn away and the traps are catching an ENORMOUS quantity making them our invisible allies in this ongoing battle. "Flies Be Gone traps are helping to make our guest experience the best."
-- Director, Food/Beverage 
Five Star Resort, Aruba

We are in the beef hide and fur skin industry. There is an abundance of flies on our premises. We put one of your flytraps to use here at our business and it is very effective.
-- Alberta, Canada

Thank you for this wonderful trap!
-- R.E. Spears

Works Great!
-- B. Takacs


Flies Be Gone is Easy to Use!

Step 1: unpackage product
Remove the red turret and unfold the plastic bag.

Step 2: add Formula FC2
Open the Formula FC2™ bag and pour the powered Formula FC2™ into the plastic bag.

Step 3: add water
Add one quart of water. If you live in a high evaporation area, (for example New Mexico) add closer to 2 quarts. Add a pinch of your own local damp soil.

Step 4: replace turret
Replace the red turret.

Step 5: hang the trap
Hang it outdoors in sunlight and good ventilation about 30 ft. from the area you want to protect and about 5 ft off the ground.

Step 6: disposal
When the trap is full or no longer effective, place the trap into an old plastic shopping bag and then into the garbage. Flies may carry disease. Keep away from adults, children, and animals.

Hang it up and watch the results!

     First Week
"My patio is buzzing with flies! I set up the Flies Be Gone trap about 35 feet away and let the sun do the rest."

     Second Week
"Flies are really starting to come around to the Flies Be Gone trap. Today I counted only two flies on my patio."

     Third Week
"An impressive sight! There are no flies on my patio!
Flies Be Gone
has outperformed all my previous traps!"

Seeing is believing!

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